Allgemeine Umkehrung gegebener Funktionen by Schloemilch O.

Allgemeine Umkehrung gegebener Funktionen by Schloemilch O.

By Schloemilch O.

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Moreover, we shall see that not all the results we need for proving asymptotic completeness can be deduced by working with a sequence of approximating Hamiltonians, the algebraic properties of the N -body (hard-core) resolvents being crucial in the proof of the following theorems. 2. e. proportional to the maximal velocity bound). 13)). (ii) Moreover, if a (0) = X \ b a Xb , then the following estimate is true for all functions J in C0∞ ( a (0)) with support not greater than that of f : ∞ 1 dt t Qa Q −it R [iR, Qa ] − J e ψ t t 2 C ψ 2.

Indeed, all we have to do is to mimic the proof of the quoted theorem (after one has taken as Hamiltonian the approximating resolvent Rα ) and finally obtain: |Q|e−it Rα ψ t |Q|ψ + dτ Pα2 1/2 t,α , 0 where {Pα }α 0 denotes the uniformly bounded family of operators Rα P Rα . 4), provided that γ is chosen 2 superior to ε −1 J ∞ . 1. 5) exist on all H(X). Moreover, if a = b are two elements of L, then the ranges of the corresponding cluster wave operators are orthogonal. 29 52 ANDREI IFTIMOVICI Proof.

E. the resolvent operator). Let us notice also that since the b-connected component of the N-body algebra T is (a semicompact operator algebra) of the form T (b) = K(Xb )⊗b T(Xb ), its elements will commute with Pa ≡ 1⊗a PXa . Hence, taking into account that T is direct sum over L of T (b), we get: [iR, [iR, Qa ]]ja,δ = R[iR(b), Pa ]Rja,δ b∈L = R(R(b)Pa − Pa R(b))(ija,δ R − [iR, ja,δ ]). 14) becomes: [iR, [iR, Qa ]]ja,δ = RR(b) (ija,δ Pa + t δ−1 ja,δ )R + t δ−1 ja,δ Pa [iR, Q] − b∈L\La RPa R(b) ija,δ R + t δ−1 ja,δ [iR, Q] + O(t −2+2δ ).

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