Algebraic Geometry. Proc. conf. Tokyo, Kyoto, 1982 by M. Raynaud, T. Shioda

Algebraic Geometry. Proc. conf. Tokyo, Kyoto, 1982 by M. Raynaud, T. Shioda

By M. Raynaud, T. Shioda

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8 The Holographic Anthropic Multiverse • Galactic redshift surveys reveal a regular spacing a quarter of the way to the time of the putative Big Bang origin, but Big Bang theory says they should be closer together the closer they are to the time of the Big Bang [16,17]. • Old galaxies are observed near the time of Big Bang origin with insufficient time to evolve. • High energy cosmic rays are observed at energies beyond a theoretical cutoff for a hot Big Bang conflicting with the postulated CMBR temperature in the early universe.

Hunter, S. ) Causality and Locality in Modern Physics, Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic. [28] Proca, A. (1936) Compt. Rend. 202, 1420. [29] Evans, M. & Vigier, J-P (1994) The Enigmatic Photon Vols. 1-5, Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic. [30] Roy, S. & Lehnert, B. (1998) Extended Electromagnetic Theory; Space Charge in Vacuo and the Rest Mass of the Photon, Singapore: World Scientific. M. (1952) Nature (London) 169, 702. , Petroni, C. & Vigier, J-P (1983) Dirac’s ether in relativistic quantum mechanics, Found.

1 PARAMETER BIG BANG REDSHIFT CMBR OLBER’S PARADOX MATTER Doppler recession of an inflationary expanding universe. ( mγ = 0 ) HAM COSMOLOGY ‘Tired light’ phenomena, nonzero mass photon ( mγ ≠ 0 ) couples to vacuum dissipating energy. Result of continuous-state blackbody emission by spacetime cavity-QED electrodynamics inherent in a continuous compactification D reduction process. Lifetime of stars insufficient to Expansion of the illuminate heavens; universe accounts for absorption by vacuum dissipation of coupling and dispersion by luminosity.

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