Advanced SQL Database Programmers Handbook by Donald K. Burleson, Joe Celko, John Paul Cook, Peter

Advanced SQL Database Programmers Handbook by Donald K. Burleson, Joe Celko, John Paul Cook, Peter

By Donald K. Burleson, Joe Celko, John Paul Cook, Peter Gulutzan

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But wait a minute, most programming languages work with Boolean logic and have only TRUE and FALSE logical values. SQL and Codd's first relational model have a thing called a NULL and it makes things ... interesting. The Null of It All A NULL is not a value; it is a marker for a value that is missing. SQL does not know why the value is missing -- semantics is your job. But SQL does have syntax to handle NULLs. com/oracle 37 NULLs propagate in calculations. That makes sense; if I don't know what something is, then why would I know what a calculation done with it is?

Wonder Shorthands SQL also came up with some wonder "shorthands" that improve the readability of the code. The logical operator "x BETWEEN y AND z" means "((y <= x) AND (x <= z))" -note the order of comparison and the inclusion of the endpoints of the range. )" at run time. Most SQL engines are pretty good about optimizing the predicates and not that good about optimizing calculations. For example, the engine might not change (x + 0) or (x * 1) to (x) when they are compiling the code. This means that you need to write very clear logical expression with the simplest calculations in SQL.

We need a table for the list of words which we want to find: CREATE TABLE SearchList (word VARCHAR(25) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY); And we need another table for the words that will exclude a document. CREATE TABLE ExcludeList (word VARCHAR(25) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY); Breaking the problem down into two parts, excluding a document is easy. com/oracle 53 Breaking the problem down into two parts, excluding a document is easy. key_word); This says that you want only the documents that have no matches in the excluded word list.

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