A power primer : an introduction to the internal combustion by General Motors War Products Training Service Section

A power primer : an introduction to the internal combustion by General Motors War Products Training Service Section

By General Motors War Products Training Service Section

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A similar bearing is in the big end of each connecting rod where it goes around the crankshaft. 44 AUTOMOBILE ENGINE Usually the oil goes from the main bearings through passages drilled right in the crankshaft to the connecting rod bearings. Sometimes there is a passage the full length of the connecting rod, and the oil, still it under pressure, is to the piston pin. In forced up through some engines, the OIL connecting rod bearings obtain oil by of a dipper on the bottom of the rod which scoops oil out of a shallow pan.

So when someone speaks of the distributor 40 AUTOMOBILE ENGINE is quite likely to mean the whole the breaker. unit, including So we have all the parts necessary to start the mixture burnin the cylinder. There do not seem to be so many parts when ing we consider all that the ignition system has to do and the speed at which it must do it. In a six-cylinder engine driving a car at 80 miles an hour, the coil must furnish about 12,000 sparks a of an automobile engine, he minute, or 200 every second.

The camshaft must be made with the cams in just the right places, and it must be connected with the crankshaft in exactly the right way. If these are not correct, the valves will not open and close at the right time in relation movement of the piston. The intake valve might open when the piston was going up on the to the TIMING GEARS compression stroke 35 POWER PRIMER A or CAMSHAFT down on stroke. the power The job of gearing the camshaft to the crank- TIMING GEARS shaft so that the valves open at just the right time is called timing the will and the gears on the two shafts are called valves, CRANKSHAFT timing gears.

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