A Contrastive Analysis of Agreement in Standard English and by Saza Ahmed Fakhry Boskany

A Contrastive Analysis of Agreement in Standard English and by Saza Ahmed Fakhry Boskany

By Saza Ahmed Fakhry Boskany

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G. ox~oxen, child~children, etc. a- The rich get richer. b- The poor have many troubles. c- The police are questioning a man. d- Several people were waiting for the lift. g. g. g. g. g. g. g. g. g. cherub – cherubim)… Rule 2: The number of a subject is not changed by a prepositional phrase and expressions like, ‘as well as’, ‘together with’, ‘ in addition to’. 26. The silence (in the halls) is unusual. 27. The captain as well as the players was tired. Rule 3: When the subject is a verbal phrase: sometimes an - ing or to + infinitive verb is used as a noun.

5. na min neither ha: I -t -im come -p-SM na to nor you AGR Neither I came nor you. 3 Agreement Hierarchy: A crucial question which imposes itself here is which has the upper hand, the syntactic or semantic parameter? 3), certain sentences give more room to alternative AGR forms. Below is a number of sentences which illustrate this phenomenon in SK as juxtaposed in SE their counterparts. Corbett cites the following four examples to explain the applicability of his hierarchy. a) is motivated by syntactic considerations in that the surface form of the subject Ližnaka ‘the committee’ is not morphologically marked as plural since it has no formal plural ending.

B) refer to more than one boy. Subject-verb AGR refers to a change in the form of a verb depending on its subject. In SE a verb changes form only when its subject is 3ps (he/she/it) and only in the present tense. The following table illustrates the point made above. Person Number Personal Pronouns 36 Present Past 1st sing. I walk pl. we walk 2nd sing. you walk pl. you walk 3rd sing. he/she/it walks pl. they walk Table (3) Main verbs in both present and past in Standard English. walked walked walked walked walked walked In this respect the main verbs have only two forms in the present and one form in the past, there is no concord variation in the past tense and modal verbs (Leech and Svartvik 1994: 260) Verb to be has the following forms in both present and past Person Number sing.

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