A Center Cutting Plane Algorithm for a Likelihood Estimate by Raupp F.

A Center Cutting Plane Algorithm for a Likelihood Estimate by Raupp F.

By Raupp F.

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Operator DeleteHard(M , selector, dep) toDelete = selector + Reachable(selector, Invert(dep)); toKeep = All(M ) − toDelete; return ExtractMin(M , toKeep, dep); Essentially, the operator DeleteHard takes All(M ) elements of M , subtracts from this set the elements to be deleted, and applies ExtractMin to extract the unselected portion of the model. , elements that are existentially dependent on the elements to be deleted. Such would-be dangling elements are obtained by passing the selector and the inverted dependency morphism to the operator Reachable.

The literals include strings, integers, floats, and other data types. The type of attribute O is defined as a union type of OIDs and literals. CREATE TABLE PRODUCTS ( PID int PRIMARY KEY, PName varchar ) Table type column:1 Column type a2 a1 name column:2 PRODUCTS type SQLtype int name PID SQLtype varchar name PName a3 keyCol a4 type PrimaryKey S a1 a1 a1 a1 a2 a2 a2 a3 a3 a3 a4 a4 P O N Table type a2 column 1 column a3 2 name “PRODUCTS” type Column SQLtype int name “PID” type Column SQLType varchar name “PName” type PrimaryKey keyCol a2 Fig.

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