3ds Max MAXScript Essentials by Autodesk

3ds Max MAXScript Essentials by Autodesk

By Autodesk

Write your individual MAXScript features and utilities to automate repetitive initiatives and create customized instruments and UI parts. starting with an creation to crucial programming ideas, you research the MAXScript fundamentals that come with cloning gadgets, MAX instructions, toolbar entry, opting for scene nodes, deciding upon issues, and utilizing the mousetrack command and painter interface. Real-world educational examples are supplied during the publication to illustrate the best way to use the MAXScript options on your personal creation surroundings.

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The function definition in this case must use the positional parameters first, followed by the keyword parameters: function mysphere rad position: [0, 0, 0] = sphere radius:rad pos:position All this function does is place a "wrapper" around the standard 3ds Max spherer) function. The function mysphere requires the rad parameter, but the position parameter is optional. Passing Arguments by Value An important concept to learn about passing arguments to functions is that of passing an argument to a function by value.

2. Create two teapots by any means. Allow 3ds Max to assign the default names; do not rename them. 3. In the Listener, type the following: call = $teapat* arr = call as array The Listener shows you that the array consists of two teapots. The syntax as array is similar to as string, which you used earlier. The statement call as array converts, or casts, the collection call to an array. ~@@ @ MAXScripllislener t eapot O H eap ot :Teap o tOl a [ 0 . 0 0000 0, o. 000 000, O. 0000 00 , 40 . 00 000 0 J c o l I • Ii t ea po t" objec ts / ..

If there are objects in your scene, nothing will happen to them. The function is loaded, waiting to be called, but has not yet been called. In this function definition, obj represents the parameter that will be passed to the function when it is called. Youwill see this in the next step. If you place this definition at the beginning of a script, then 3ds Max will know what ChangeToRed means any time you want to use it. 29 • MAXScript Basics 4. In a new MAXScript Editor, type the following: for i = 1 to 3 do sphere pos: [random -80 80, random -80 80, random -80 80] cone pos: [random -80 80, random -80 80, random -80 80] cylinder pos: [random -80 80, random -80 80, random -80 80] You now have several objects in your scene.

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